Policy statement

Datum: 1 oktober 2019

Quality, health & safety and environmental care

Sujo profiles itself as a “Green” company, based on corporate social responsibility. Sujo's policy is aimed at bringing quality, health and safety and environmental care to a very high level and to continue to work structurally on permanent improvement. To this end, Sujo has drawn up the VGWM care system for all its business units.
The following principles apply to each of us:

  • we comply at least with all applicable legal regulations in the field of quality, health & safety and environmental care;
  • we involve the aspects of quality, health & safety and environmental care in all activities at the earliest possible stage;
  • we create a working environment in which we treat everyone equally and in which safety & health risks for everyone and risks to the environment are avoided as much as possible;
  • we inform clients about quality, health & safety and environmental aspects of the products or services to be delivered;
  • we give priority to reducing safety risks over other risks;
  • we maintain open communication about quality, health & safety and environmental care at all levels, both internally and externally;
  • we agree on clear and verifiable agreements with the client with regard to specifications, price and delivery time of products or services;
  • we handle any complaints with due care, striving in all reasonableness to reach a settlement with the client;
  • we think along with the customer in the field of sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions;
  • we take responsibility for the environment, by trying to limit harmful effects on the environment;
  • we ensure that all consequences of its functioning for the environment have been mapped out and is progressive in solutions and initiatives with regard to operating in an environmentally friendly manner;
  • We strive to prevent accidents. The preventive activities include the training and instruction of all employees, the maintenance and inspection of machines and tools, the registration and discussion of dangers, dangerous situations, near-accidents and accidents;
  • we continue to work on improving quality, health and safety and environmental care;

Care for quality, health & safety and the environment starts with each of us. Everyone is responsible for the safe performance of his / her task, whereby care for the environment and high quality are guaranteed.

The management will ensure all is done as described above and will support this, through information and training and intervene where necessary.


P. de Haan

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