SUJO  international

Sujo International is a company with a strong team of industry experts operational on many continents, but with its corporate base in The Netherlands. Most dredging activities require well-prepared plans to be able to optimise the execution and thus creating savings on both operational and capital expenses. We believe we have these strengths in-house with our vast team of industry leaders and we strive, besides a prefect execution of the job, also to capacity building whereby we aim to transfer our knowledge to our clients enabling them to continue long-term projects with an indigenous workforce. The first major objective of dredging is the recovery from under water material, which has some value or use.

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SUJO  Construction & Infrastructure

Infrastructural works increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach. From project management to delivery and maintenance. Sujo has almost all the disciplines and materials required for this. 

SUJO is an added value for a wide range of clients. The surplus is found in a continues improving  specialization in various areas of activity. This is the basis for the continuity and growth of our company. Integration of the latest techniques and continuous innovation in equipment and working methods are the main pillars for this. 

The latest technology and the most modern equipment mean nothing without the right people. Especially the team, which makes SUJO what it is, determines the final result.


SUJO  industrial

SUJO is a top specialist in industrial and concrete construction. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of projects for the petrochemical industry. We know better than anyone the specific circumstances of working in a vulnerable environment, where production continues 24 hours a day. We have fully responded to this.


SUJO  solar

Sujo offers a total solution for solar projects, from infrastructure to energy management. You can engage us as a professional partner for research and / or engineering. With our compact team we can always act quickly.


SUJO environmental technology

* Soil research and advice
* In-situ, groundwater and soil remediation
* Incident management
* Air treatment, emission control and odor control
* (Waste) water purification


SUJO Design & Engineering

Sustainable construction means developing, managing and using buildings with respect for people and the environment. Sustainable construction is not only about saving energy, but above all about the use of sustainable materials which take the environment into account. Materials which can be easily reused, use of water responsibly and prevent the unnessecary use of raw materials for building materials.


SUJO  Earthmoving & Road construction

Sujo is an expert in the field of ground, road and hydraulic engineering works, construction of fiber optic networks, industrial maintenance, services, project management, soil remediation, road construction, etc.